An update on an update

So, after I posted the last blog I did go and lie next to Caroline in bed. After a while I noticed that she felt a bit hot so I took her temp. 38.4. We monitored it for 40 minutes and it hovered slightly over 38. The danger sign that infection might be setting in.

C called the hospital and we arrived there about 5pm. C was admitted to emergency and given fluids and antiobiotics. after a chat with doc Michelle it was decided to admit C for the night, especially as she has to be back there anyway at 8am. The good news is that C’s temp has dropped back into the normal range. She’s has a chest X-rays and swabs and bloods taken so if there is an infection we should know what it is soon.

C was angry but resigned to having to drive back to hospital this afternoon, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


6 thoughts on “An update on an update

  1. You have every tight to feel as you do. Can’t tell you both how much we admire your courage. Love and hugs to you both Jan and Barry xx

  2. It’s fucked, all right. As always, thinking about you and following your story, but so often, there’s nothing more to say. Warm wishes to you both. X

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