The Spleen

Caroline came home early yesterday evening after a night at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She was given a bag of platelets and four bags of blood during that time, but it doesn’t seem to have perked her up the way previous blood transfusions have. C was also given IV fluids which seems to help with the nausea. But, she is still in bed now (2pm) which is highly unusual, even though she has written her final editor’s letter from between the sheets.

The main issue – apart from debilitation fatigue – is that C now has an enlarged spleen. It was actually the source of her shoulder pain, which we wrongly thought was a pinched nerve – and is cause a great deal of uncomfortableness in her abdomen, as the spleen is pushing on other organs, including her lungs. This makes deep breathing painful. You can feel the spleen – the left side of C’s belly is very firm to the touch. Now, I don’t know much about the spleen and at this stage I kind of want to pretend that this isn’t happening and bury my head in the sand, but apparently the spleen enlarges because the abnormal blast cells have accumulated in it. So, obviously, there are still blasts in the blood. We don’t currently at what level they are at. Unfortunately there is little that can be done about reducing the swelling, although have put C on some medication used for gout, I guess to reduce the toxins in her body, including the spleen.

Tomorrow we have an early start. C has to have an endoscopy and biopsy of her small intestine and try and determine the source of the nausea. In order to for this to happen safely, her platelet level has to be above 50. It’s currently around 10. So we have be be at the hospital by 8am for a blood test, the a platelet transfusion at 9:30, and the the biopsy at 1pm. It will be a long and tiring day for C.

That’s all I know at this stage. I wasn’t there when doctor Michelle was talking with C, but this new turn of events is making C uncomfortable and upset. She can’t stand that fact there is now pain associated with the cancer, and she says she feels like an infirm. It’s shit to watch, and to not really able to do much in the way of making this any better. I just poked my head in before and C is lying down now. I may just go and join her. x




6 thoughts on “The Spleen

  1. That’s awful, big day ahead for you both. Hope they make Caro more comfortable. Love and hugs, Carol, Sandro, Lily and Daisy xo

  2. For goodness sake, hasn’t she been through enough..Sleep is good and you along side her will make her feel some what better emotionally. Hoping tomorrow goes well for her..Sleep tight you two..xxoo

  3. To quote a little five year old kid that I taught a million moons ago, ‘keep cuddling, a cuddling and a cuddling.’ And it is still the best advice I have ever received.

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