It’s complicated

So, when we last left Caroline on Wednesday, she had been admitted to C6 with a temperature that she’d had that day, and also severe abdominal pain from her enlarged spleen. She spiked a temperature a few more times, and after a chest x-ray and CT Scan it’s been discovered she has a small infection on the bottom of her left lung. She is on IV antibiotics to control the infection, and according to the scans it doesn’t seem to be spreading. It at first wasn’t known whether the lung was infected, or had partially collapsed due the pressure of the spleen pushing on it. Either way, C is having some difficultly breathing, because the spleen is splitting her diaphragm, making deep breaths incredibly painful. She is on oxygen to keep her oxygen saturation levels up, and to ensure air is getting to all parts of her lungs.

The enlarged spleen is also making it incredibly painful for Caroline to do anything except lie down. They have been trying a number of pain medications to get it under control, but none have been particularly effective. I think they have reverted back to oxycontin because it is effective, but C hates that it makes her drowsy. Everything is a trade off in this situation.

The endoscopy from Tuesday revealed that C has no signs of grafts versus host disease, which is disappointing, especially has she had to endure some rather hideous vomiting and diarrhea sessions. At one stage she passed blood, but the gastro guys were called in and said it’s probably a result of the biopsy of her stomach and upper abdomen causing a bit of bleeding. Mmkay. Let’s go with that.

As you can tell, I’m a bit sketchy on the details. I have no idea what antibiotics C is on, nor how many bags of platelets she’s been given. This time around C’s hospital trip has done me in. It’s not helped by the fact that we had to get the doctors to fill in some forms say that C has less than 12 months to live (they actually wrote weeks to months) so that we can access her superannuation. If you want to know what it feels like to have someone reach into you chest and rip your heart to pieces, try reading those words about someone you love. I made the mistake of reading them in C’s room when she was out having a scan, which isn’t wise. But, when C told Michelle, that I had read the forms and was upset, Michelle rang me at home at about 7:30pm on a Friday night to see how I was and if I had any questions. That is pure class. Anyway,the upshot is no-one is giving up hope. Not us. Not the doctors.

Today C sounded a bit perkier than she has a few days. I slept until 1pm – which I never do but obviously needed – because I’m feeling better as well.

And now I am off to the hospital to see my girl. x



9 thoughts on “It’s complicated

  1. Donna thank you so much for the updates which must be so hard for you to write. Hang in there – you two are so very courageous . Sending you all our love. J&kxxxxx

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated. It means so much to know what is happening. I really appreciate you taking the time write this. Much love to you both. X

  3. I know, most times, it must feel like such a lonely journey for you and Caroline, but we are all here – every single one of us – willing Caroline to keep fighting and for you to keep finding that strength that is already beyond any strength we could ever imagine possessing. These posts break my heart, but your love for each other is something that I find great joy in, too. xxxxx

  4. ack. hugs aren’t nearly enough. virtual hugs at that. but let me send hugs to you and your girl. and virtual flowers. and virtual clean sheets for a really great nap.

  5. Wow – you two continue to amaze in how you deal with this stuff. With you all the way in thought and spirit and soon, in person too. Glad to hear there’s no thought of giving up hope. None of your many friends have either

  6. Oh D. Thank you for spending time to let us know how you both are. It’s so hard to read but so so so much harder for you to be living this. I’m glad by the time you read this you will be surrounded by some if the very best people in your life. They can hold you up so you can let go. Much love, much hope, much this do shouldn’t be ducking happening xxx

  7. My heart goes put to you both I can’t imagine how heart breaking it would have been to have heard that news.We love you both. Jan and Barry xx

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